For countless times, I have reminded myself to be true to myself because pretending is very exhausting. I think I am about to break that promise again…



1. Less regrets. You will make a thousand decisions this year again. From small ones (which dinner to eat) to life-changing/will-affect-you-for-the-rest-of-your-life ones (which residency program to take), and it will not be easy…but you should strive to make smart decisions and avoid regrets later. 

2. Acceptance. There will always be things you cannot change and for this year, I want you to learn to acknowledge and accept them. Move on with life. Don’t get stuck. Focus instead on the million other things you can do something about.

3. Self-care. Your dearest friends always remind you this. And I know you have tried this 2017. You learned to apply makeup better, use eyebrow pencil, wax your hairy legs, color your extremely dull hair and a lot more. But there is still so much to do! You know you have always had a goal in mind. You have pictured your future self a thousand times: pretty, clean, classy and a lot more! It is time to paint the picture and show it to the world. The future is now.

4. Express. Stop giving a fuck what others will think when you say what you think/want/need. So what? Always remember: you are different and it is so okay to be. They laugh at your weirdness. Don’t be hurt. Embrace your oddness. Be who you are. If they love you and are worth your real self, then they’ll stay around you.

5. Show your love. There are so many people who care for you. Focus on these people. For many times this 2017 you wanted to give food to people but didn’t. This 2018 ,go ahead. Stop using “i’m shy/they might not appreciate it” as your excuse. You can never tell how much time left you’ll have time with them so always make them feel loved.