Hey, there

I used to like you. A lot. 2-3 years ago. Even when I knew you and my friend also likes each other. Maybe that’s the main reason I tried keeping it low because I can’t torture myself that way. Then a year ago, I got to work with you. You were far from how I expected you to be. You were funny amd annoying. Oh, you were mostly annoying this past year. Maybe it was also because I was trying so hard to move on I ended up noticing your flaws most days. Eventually, I had bigger life issues. You stopped coming to mind. I stopped trying to get near you. I also got tired of making our conversations work. We just almost always have nothing to talk about during the rare moments we happen to be alone together. Until now. We interact better in groups when I can just tease you along with our other friends. And that’s okay. You see, I think I am almost over you. Not yet, because I am still writing about you. But I know I am very close to the finish line.


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