Hello, Again.

I have been away for the past 7 months. Why? I don’t know. I lost track of time. I got busy. I prioritized. Writing was moved to the bottom while studying was moved to the top of the list. Still, I haven’t reached my goals. I still feel inadequate at times. I still feed horrible about a lot of things. The great part? I am still here. I am still holding on to my dream of becoming a doctor. I still study for several hours a day not because¬†grades define my existence but because I want to learn and I want to be a good doctor someday.

I am tired. The academic year will come to an end in a few weeks. Most of the remaining days will involve a battery of exams, including the dreaded final exams. I have started studying for the finals but I have only recently started. I hope this early start will help improve my grades. Speaking of grades, nope, I have no failing grades. The problem is I am not satisfied with them. They did not reach the standards I have established before. Despite that, I know I am learning a lot during this academic year.

I really hope things will get better.