“She has to go.”

“You still like him.” Andrea was startled with Danielle’s statement.

“What made you say that? You are wrong. I’ve stopped liking him for ages now.” Andrea is doing the very thing she hated the most: lying.

“Okay. I just thought….oh, never mind.”

“Come on, Danielle. Let us change this boring topic. How’s the election campaign?”

Before Danielle got to answer, the very person they talked about decided to sit with them.

“Heeeeyyyy Danielle, Andrea. Anyway, Danielle, I wanted to ask you something. Do you think….”

Andrea could not help looking at the two of them. Danielle was glowing while James was…James. He seems to like Danielle

Andrea decided the two really looked good together. She has to let these feelings go. To him, she’ll always be Danielle’s friend. That is enough. She has to go.

“Uhm, excuse me…Danielle, I’m done eating and I still have stuff to do. See you guys later in class.” After giving a weak smile, she left.



Red, blue and yellow.
Colors to fill the hollow.
I just bought a coloring book.
Come, let us sit in a nook.

A baby is born
Someone please blow the horn
So everyone would find a corn
As tribute to the baby born

The baby ages to three
He would always want to roam free
He goes to his favorite tree
And stays until after three

The toddler becomes an adult
He finds every one is at fault
He decides to form a cult
He thinks he is a smart adult

The adult grows old and tired
He had many jobs where he was fired
Some think his head is hay wired
Whatever he does, he is still tired

The eldrely then slowly died
But first he lied
One of which is that his land is wide
He said this before he died

At Sea

The waves are singing
The mermaids are waiting
The storm is surging
The boat is sinking

The child is crying
Parents are missing
The fish are hiding
The sun ain’t watching

Night is coming
The sky keeps weeping
Despair is winning
Death is counting