“She’s my friend.”

“Ohhh, Jaaaaaames, I can’t like you.”

“Why not?”

Andrea was startled, seeing James by the door, why is he here? She was supposed to be alone in this classroom. She must have forgotten to close the door in a hurry to retrieve her bag and settle herself in a chair.

“I followed you back here because I wanted to tell you something-”

“What is it?” She stood up, nervously.

“No, you answer my question first.” Now he is walking slowly towards her, then he stops 2 feet from her. “Why can’t you like me? Why?”

She avoided his look by staring at the board.

“Because…because Danielle really likes you so I should stop liking you myself. Anyway, you seem to like her, too. Oh, let’s just go back, maybe they are looking for-”

“Andrea, wait…you got it all wrong. Andrea, I like you, too. I really do.”

“Oh.” She was surprised. This is the last thing she expected to happen in this encounter. She looked at him. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. Don’t worry about Danielle as well, please.”

Now, she looked away. “She’s my friend.”

“I know that. She’s my friend, too. Just, let’s not make this complicated. Now, let’s go back. They are looking for us by now.”

He waits for her. They walk back together.

“What did you want to tell me earlier?”

“That. I wanted to tell you I like you. I thought it was the perfect opportunity. We were so happy together before you decided to get your bag.”

“Oh, yes.” They smiled at each other and walked back to the seminar room with hearts beating fast.


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