A girl had an adventure with, let’s call him Z. Z was a very nice person in the girl’s class and her friends often tease her to him but, most of the time, Z does not care. In the adventure, the two became close friends and liked each other more. Near the end of the adventure, Z gave the girl a red plastic ring to symbolize that the girl has become special to him. But at the end of the adventure, both just woke up from their own beds to realize that all has been a dream. The girl did not have the ring on her finger. At school, nothing seemed to have changed. Z looked at her like he usually does; her friends also never miss any opportunity to tease her. On the next day, during lunch, she found Z approaching her. “Hey.” “Yeah?” she wanted to tell him about her dream but it would seem very crazy. “Well, I just wanted you to have something that I think belongs to you.” He handed her the red ring! Of course, she was surprised. “You…you…the dream.” “Yes, yes. Crazy it may be, yes.” “You remembered?” “Yes.” “Wait, you are giving this to me. You know what this means right?” “Yes, and like what I said. It belongs to you.” “Oh, thank you.”


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